DesignSprintz and Creative Masterclasses


DesignSprintz are tailored workshops delivered by our collective of experts here at Proactive by Design.

Our workshops vary from ½ day training sprints to full-day Masterclasses and open opportunities for you to:


  • Hear from expert guest speakers who share their personal journeys to success in a business and design context

  • Explore areas for business growth and revenue funnels

  • Understand your external environment and win new business by setting yourself apart from the competition

  • Manage uncertainty more effectively

  • Share knowledge and experience of successes and failures to help you to develop

  • Provide you with the skillset and resources to be more productive and have a higher impact

  • Empower you to drive your personal development and achieve more, more quickly

  • Fully understand the financial aspects of your business

  • Build on your personal approach and create an effective environment to achieve your goals


Each workshop represents an excellent networking opportunity, features Question & Answer sessions with business and design experts and includes Lunch and refreshments.   


Fuel your inspiration and learn from leading innovators and free-thinkers. Combine creative and business perspectives to overcome personal challenges, be happier in your work and grow your personal impact.



We've worked with global companies to create unique and innovative design and branding that truly engages and resonates with varied target markets. Our portfolio includes multinational advertisement organisations, international brand leaders and charities.

Our team of design professionals include Alvaro Bravo Cole and Paulo Calquin who are established designers and thought leaders in the UK, Europe and Americas. 

Our design services include:

- Graphic design

- Animation

- Creative campaigns

- Concept design

- Product design

- Branding

- Print design

- Digital and mixed media

Click here to download some of our work.



Leading Yourself for Proactivity

Do you want to be far more effective in achieving your goals? Would you like to hit your targets with less time, effort and drama?


This workshop is designed to help you to identify just how proactive you really are, understand what is driving and sustaining your proactivity right now and decide how to leverage those assets in a more powerful way. We will explore gaps in your proactive behaviours that reflect results and rewards you are missing out on, considering why that might be and evaluating suitable choices for closing those shortfalls. You will leave this workshop with a tailored Personal Proactivity Plan, a deeper understanding of just how critical your proactivity is to your achievements and success and equipped to take opportunities and deal with risk more effectively.


Leading Others for Proactivity

Do you want to attract, develop, align and retain self-starting professionals who are exceptionally engaged and skilled in creating and taking opportunities for significant innovation and who can anticipate and solve critical problems more quickly, to deliver outstanding results?   

If you are a change agent – anyone who leads, influences, designs or delivers change – this workshop will boost your ability to:

  • Recognise and deploy leadership behaviours that stimulate and support proactivity in yourself and others

  • Attract, develop and retain talented individuals

  • Build high-performing teams and leaders  

  • Discern the motives at play in any negotiation, to generate win/win proposals in any change situation   

  • Fuel beliefs that translate into top performance and delivery  

  • Create environments that energise your stakeholders to push further for better results

  • Align proactivity in your organisation, programme, project or operations to strategic goals 

  • Build on your personal style to achieve personal, team and organisational goals and enhance your reputation