Problem #1:  Your Change DESTINATION & ROUTE


Our Solution: 

Postcards from Your Future

- Why Wait for Hindsight?


"Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving life, or some pain" - William Blake

"Leaders must .. get people excited about something they've never seen before, something that does not yet exist" - Rosabeth Moss Kanter 

  • If you could look back from a point of great personal and organisational success in 2030, what would you see?


As you look back:

  • What did you do to get to that point?

  • What would you do differently? 

  • What would you change right now?

  • What about your look-back from 2028?    2025?

How can you frame and deliver effective strategic policy, strategy and change in a world that keeps changing all the time? 

The Postcards from Your Future solution is a proven way to cut through uncertainty and complexity to give you, your organisation and your key stakeholders stronger change results.

This means greater ROI and value for money, more reliably and often more quickly than your current plans and business cases expect.

The method acts as a powerful 'bolt-on' stress-test of proposals, plans, decisions, and in-flight delivery, without intruding on your usual processes. 



Cut through 'noise' - instead of information overload, you'll get to filter detail against the few questions that will matter for your results.


Reputation and satisfaction - instead of certain people undermining your ability to lead critical change, you'll have a proven method that works for you reliably and quickly, time after time.


Health and Wellbeing - instead of you and your people losing sleep and wasting energy on the 'tyranny of the urgent', you'll all gain headspace and time to make better decisions.




Clarity, Opportunity, ROI - instead of clamour and useless conflict, you'll gain opportunities and lead time to achieve superior change results

A proven method and enduring asset - instead of amateur, best endeavours, you'll gain a re-usable method rooted in the Oxford Scenarios Planning Approach, as used by major organisations for over 15 years. Your Lead Facilitator has delivered this approach as a member of a consultancy team at Oxford. 

Build trust with difficult stakeholders - instead of unfruitful conflict and sabotage, you'll gain transparency and trust through the process, to enable the breakthrough change you seek.

Who is this for?

This is for leaders in any sector who are grappling with the major changes needed to survive and thrive to 2030 and beyond.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Boards

  • CEOs and their ExComs

  • ExCom members and their Directors

  • Director Senior Leadership Teams

  • Those involved in framing or implementing policies, strategies, direction or major change

  • Ambitious Innovation and Entrepreneur teams


Examples of Use  

Below there are examples of:

  • how the World Economic Forum has used the Oxford Scenarios Planning Approach (OSPA) 

  • where we have applied our method, which is rooted in the OSPA  

By subject matter:

REMIT: To STRESS-TEST and improve outcomes and ROI on:

- Talent Strategies

- Recruitment Strategies (e.g. for professionals of various types)

- Employee Value Propositions

- New ways of Working (e.g. for 4,000 frontline service staff)

- Staff Engagement Strategies

- enterprise Leadership & Management Capability

- DEI and ESG Plans

- Strategic Workforce Planning

- enterprise People-related Change Programmes

- reaching Carbon Neutral 

- Data & Analytics capability and exploitation (strategic)

- Data & Analytics capability and exploitation (tactical and operational)

- people risks and uncertainties in M&A situations

- corporate Culture, Brand & Reputation 

- enterprise Leadership & Management Capability  

- Estates Rationalization 

International Market entry and growth

- national-level responses to major political events  

- sensitive procurement outcomes

- people risks and uncertainties in M&A situations

- major change projects 

By industry:


- Banking & Financial Services

- International Trade

- Federal Governments

- Local Government 

- Professional Services

- Technology

- Construction

- Telecoms

- Bio-Tech

- Natural Capital & Bio-diversity

- Transport


By geography: 

- North America 

- South America


- the UK  


How it works


The Model 

  • The first 4 Questions in the Model are used in the 'Look Back' and 'Learn & Act' parts of the process.

  • The 'Client Only (Black Box) ' step draws on:


1) good practice as used at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Henley and London 

2) Research from a range of Think Tanks, academics, practitioners and professional bodies

3) our practical experience 

Here is a bit more on the flavour of the Oxford Scenarios Planning Approach:



Your Facilitators

Lead Faciltator

Your Lead Facilitator is David Santineer. He has delivered scenario-based solutions for over 20 years. David trained in scenario practice at Henley and Oxford, with related CPD at Cambridge, Harvard and Yale.


Creative and Change professionals.

David will be joined by at least one of our accomplished professionals from the Creative and Change sectors. They will expand our thinking and ideas.

Mathematician & Logician

Hazel Santineer will join us to guard the quality of our thinking and conclusions.




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