Our Vision is for individuals, organisations and societies to thrive through creativity, proactivity and foresight mindsets and skillsets, by design and not merely by chance.

Our Mission is to inspire and fuel individuals, organisations and societies to grow Creative, Proactive and Foresight mindsets, skillsets and behaviours for better innovation and change, across five areas of impact:  purpose, profit, people, planet and personal satisfaction.

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Our Values

      1 Thriving through change

Creativity, proactivity and foresight are now ‘must have’ skills if you and your organisation want to:

  • be on the front foot in anticipating, creating and benefitting from change 

  • make better decisions, in the face of turbulence and uncertainty

  • deal with the increasingly complex demands of stakeholders

  • rise to the challenges posed by the pace of change in technology, AI, data, analytics, social values and value and supply networks

      2 Superior results by releasing and aligning creative-proactivity in others

Sustainable work/life balance, enabled by a culture of effective proactivity, is no longer just desirable and ethical but has emerged as a key factor in creating, harvesting and sustaining superior results from change. 

In contrast, individuals, teams and organisations who fail to expand their leadership repertoire into supporting creative-proactive behaviour, will continue to fuel common people issues such as:

  • low staff engagement and morale

  • high absenteeism and stress levels

  • minimal discretionary effort, with staff seeking to deliver just enough to 'get by'

  • rising challenges in securing a pipeline of talented people to your team

  • difficulties in retaining ambitious, star performers on your team and in your organisation

  • high staff turnover    

  • mounting feelings - particularly among your change specialists and other professionals - of being ill-equipped to deal with increasingly volatile conditions, which put their delivery, performance and personal reputation at risk

  • wrangling over performance, appraisal and reward systems, which diverts time and energy away from delivering results  

  • significant impact on staff health, wellbeing, performance and results

      3 Do things differently

We see results shortfalls for individuals, teams and organisations arising from vulnerabilities in how we identify, design, respond to and lead ourselves, and others, for change, such as: 

  • blind spots in the foresight used to inform change strategy and design 

  • weaknesses in how flexibly and effectively we identify and deal with uncertainties, and their interactions, in decision-making, business cases and as emerging issues or opportunities

  • the levels of skill and capability people can, and actually, deploy in leading and influencing those who formulate, implement and monitor change, in all types of roles

  • the level and types of non-financial losses incurred, that could have been avoided

  • the level and types of benefits left on the table, that could have been realised

  • failures to morph the scope, design and delivery of change, to gain higher returns on investment (financial and non-financial)

       4 A better price for success 

  • We help you to create and innovate your strategic choices, policies and designs so you can shift to operating models, policies, performance measures, mindsets and cultures that are more sustainable - at personal, team and organisational levels - for the challenges you face now and those that lie ahead.

  • We give you new ways to perceive and deal with change. Why? Because the old ways of being proactive and adapting (what we call 'proactive by heroics') are no longer effective or acceptable. These ways included a culture of perpetual personal sacrifice, resulting in eroded health, happiness and personal relationships and the temptation to overlook the planetary and social impacts of our actions. Such approaches never were the smartest or most ethical ways of engaging and profiting from the skills of our people and other key players, and are no longer acceptable to many powerful, emerging stakeholders.

  • We regard people as the most potent and valuable source of innovation and benefits realisation from change, not just as ‘resources’ to be plugged into ‘the way we’ve always done it’.    


         5 Enjoy the journey

  • Many leaders are already going through the challenging process of shifting expectations, mindsets, technologies, business models, cultures, behaviours and practices so that they, and those they lead, can survive, thrive and be well-positioned for the future. We’re here to help you on that journey.  

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