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We deliver a step-change in your return on investment in innovation and change. 

We do that through specialised Mindset and Skillset Exercises and Stress-Tests, in FIVE areas that impact FIVE Bottom-Lines, so that you survive and thrive in a turbulent world:


‘DesignSprintz’ Accelerator-Series, invite you to roll up your sleeves in Three Hours  Workshop exploring Why creativity is at the heart of success, Design Thinking for Innovation, and the future of value proposition, where the people and planet matter.
In today’s world innovation-driven economy, understanding how to generate new ideas and implemented them is a vital organisational priority of survival.We help you to learn how to leverage a unique blend of Creative and Analytics thinking to overcome personal and organisational challenges,Fuel your inspiration and learn from leading innovators and free-thinkers.

This workshop will be delivered by Co-founder Alvaro Bravo Cole, best-selling author Rod Judkins, who have delivered/consulted on creativity for organisations such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Porsche. Rod has also written 3 bestselling books on how to grow your creative skills.
Dr Julia Goga-Coke. Worked for the BBC for 16 years as a broadcaster, producer, editor and senior leader. Design Thinker Innovator and Entrepreneur co-founded and managed the Future of Work Research Consortium and founded the Academy of Design Thinking.
Benjamin Fritsch. Product Marketing and Innovation Director with a record of customer growth in a range of Consumer (D2C and Retail) and SME industries. His experience blends digital and physical product and service development, focusing on customer insight, value proposition, brand, online and offline customer experience for brands such as Eurostar, Avis, Zipcar, Homeserve EE and Carphone Warehouse.