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We deliver a step-change in your return on investment in innovation and change. 

We do that through specialised Mindset and Skillset Exercises and Stress-Tests, in FIVE areas that impact FIVE Bottom-Lines, so that you survive and thrive in a turbulent world:

The Art of Creative Thinking and Innovation


This hands-on workshop has been designed to enrich your journey in developing your creative mind, enabling you to develop more effective lifestyle strategies, business ideas or social enterprise. In essence, the Creative Thinking process is iterative, flexible and focused on collaboration between designers and users, with an emphasis on bringing ideas to life based on how real users think, feel and behave.

This workshop will be delivered by Proactive by Design Co-founder Alvaro Bravo Cole and best-selling author Rod Judkins, who have delivered/consulted on creativity for organisations such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Porsche. Rod has also written 3 bestselling books on how to grow your creative skills.

Date: 3rd December 2020
Time: 11 am to 12 am London time
Price: £19.99 (including VAT)

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